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blowmei clean mint shampoo and conditioner bottles

about us

We procure haircare essentials & styling products for society's most persuasive and engaged members. Go ahead, be a renegade; a rebel; a trailblazer; you're already famous.

Our haircare products are formulated with the highest quality botanicals, nutrients, natural minerals, and essential oils.

We are made in the USA and, of course,

we only test our products on the humans they were made for.

Never tested on animals.


about blowmei
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who we are

who we are

dedicated to the rebels and trailblazers in life; those who have been confronted with adversity, unjustly accosted, and pushed to their limit. 


despite the odds, we continue to live on, have boldly moved on, and prosper; not out of spite, but from the will to survive and the power

to be free... just like you.

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happy young people wearing blowmei t-shirts


Team blowmei contributes to local community projects and raises funds for large national fundraisers. We believe in sharing our success within the communities we operate in. after all, our success is because of you.


"blowmei is an attitude; a way of life; a way to think differently about our relationships with others and our relationship with ourselves, that empowers us rather than imprisons us. blowmei gives us the power to live our lives freely without allowing the opinions of others to form our opinion of ourselves.


For me, blowmei represents the freedom to be yourself."

Michael A Ferrara
Creator & CEO

It's not just about the hair. It never has been.

Michael A Ferrara

Creator & CEO

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