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hair mistakes to avoid!

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("discoveries" is a positive way to say "you're F%^&ing it up!")

1: Scrubbing Too Hard In The Shower

A common habit for many guys. We’ve all done it – morning rush routine and end up scrubbing the hell out of our precious scalp in the shower. You're "totes masc" and can handle the rough housing, right? You’re actually weakening your hair follicles and increasing your risk of dandruff – that's hot. Try rubbing through with the palms of your hands instead or gently with the padded part of your fingertips. You’ll find it promotes circulation, which can make your hair grow nice and thick.

Scrub lightly my friend...

2: Washing too Much

Over washing = not so easy hair styling. Shocking we know, but you should wash your hair once or twice a week. Most shampoos, particularly the "less expensive" (cheap) ones, will strip your hair of natural oils. While conditioner will replace much of this, it is good for the health of your hair and scalp to allow your natural oils to come through and lube you up. moral of the story.... wash less.


3: Using 2-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner

Not such a good deal. Getting your hair clean means the pores in your scalp need to be opened as well as the cuticles on each hair strand (think of shingles on a roof) and this is where your shampoo comes in. It helps get rid of product and dirt build up. Conditioner is used after to add a moisturizing agent to close up hair cuticles, but be cautious of how much conditioner you use as it can weigh down your hair and even make it look greasy. Your 2-in-1 product might be opening and cleaning the cuticles but it doesn’t handle the closing part which means that ultimately your hair ends up dirtier anyway. It may seem fast and easy, but combining a cleaning agent with a conditioner is impossible.


4: Using Product in Wet Hair

Water will dilute any hair product (annoying) making it way less effective and make your hair all clumpy and not hot. Unless the instructions specify otherwise, your hair should be at least towel dried (blow drying is ALWAYS best, see my interview with DailyFlashTV below) before you begin to add any products. Even if you’re going for the wet look, great products will do that for you.


5: Overstyling

As with fragrances, less is more (most of the time). You can always put more in, but start out with small amounts of anything you’re using and apply as needed. Invest in a decent comb and styling products like waxes, gels or clays that suit your hair thickness and style.




6: Home Dye-Job (should die)

My $2? (this is worth much more than 2 cents!) Leave it to the professionals. Orange attempts at bleached hair, gothic black reminiscent of The Crow (love that movie) wash you out and even make grays more prominent.

Maybe it can be accomplished if you know what you’re doing, (hey that guy on the just for men commercial makes it look effortless?!) but like I said above, see a professional.





7: Sideburns. Well, please read on

Do you want to make a "statement" with your sideburns or are you wondering what’s the ideal side burn length? In general, it’s better to do what fits your style, but opting for excessively long or blatantly short sideburns is typically best avoided. Anything with bushy sideburns, or a disastrous no sideburns haircut is really not for you (or anyone).



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